Commercial Drone Services

Bringing aerial data solutions down to Earth

Our Aerial Solutions team is focused on supporting a variety of industries and clients with quality aerial-acquired data and applicable solutions. This data includes ultra-high definition (UHD) videography and high-resolution photography used for aerial mapping to support civil engineering, architectural, and GIS projects. The HD imagery and video is a useful tool for detailed analysis of infrastructure inspections. This information is acquired using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Systems (UAV/UAS) or via partnerships with manned fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft service providers.

Use of UAS significantly reduces safety concerns, acquisition costs, and services response times. This provides a more efficient and effective project workflow.


  • Aerial Mapping
  • Augmented Reality/GIS Overlays over 6K UHD Video
  • Client Assets Documentation/GIS
  • Construction Monitoring
  • HCA Corridor Visual Documentation
  • Hyper-Spectral Sensor Technologies
  • Infrared Inspections & Analysis
  • Infrastructure Inspections & Analysis
  • Infrastructure Visual Documentation
  • LiDAR
  • Multi-Spectral
  • Preliminary Reconnaissance
  • Right-of-Way Corridors
  • Surface Modeling
  • Vegetation Analysis Surveys
  • Volume Analysis