67th St & Cottonwood Storm Drainage Improvements

Shawnee, KS

The City of Shawnee hired RIC to perform a Preliminary Engineering Study (PES) for an area along a tributary to Little Mill Creek near the intersection of 67th Street & Cottonwood Drive. Flooding problems in the area had been identified in the Mill Creek Flood Study previously completed. Existing reinforced box culverts under Cottonwood Drive and 67th Street are both topped during a 100-year storm event. This results in flooding of the homes on West 67th Street and makes the roads impassable for emergency vehicles. A church building upstream of 67th Street is also endangered by channel bank erosion. Proposed solutions in the PES include construction of larger box culverts under the road, bank stabilization, widening of the channel section, utility relocation and purchasing flooded homes.

RIC’s scope of work included topographic survey, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, an opinion of probable costs, coordination with utilities, identification of future permitting requirements, public outreach, and preparation of the Preliminary Engineering Study. The study was prepared in accordance with requirements of the Johnson County Stormwater Management Program. The PES was submitted and accepted by the Johnson County Stormwater Management Program and has been placed on the list of potential funding in 2020.