Brookwood Place Storm Drainage Improvements

Lenexa, KS

The City of Lenexa hired RIC to evaluate the existing storm drainage within the Brookwood Place subdivision and surrounding area which covers approximately 160 acres north of 87th Street and south of 83rd Street between Lackman Road and Maurer Road. RIC performed video analysis on approximately 13,700 linear feet of existing storm sewer pipe. All pipe were given a condition of excellent, good, fair or poor based on a determined set of criteria developed in coordination with the City of Lenexa. RIC developed flooding questionnaires that were mailed to all residents within the project area to help determine areas with existing flooding concerns. Following evaluation of the existing pipes and review of the flooding questionnaires, RIC prepared a study that had recommendations for either repair or replacement of all pipes which received a rating of poor or fair.

Recommended repair would be done by Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) lining. A total of approximately 11,800 linear feet of pipe was recommended for repair or replacement. The recommended improvements were then prioritized based on the City’s budget for Phase I of the project. The study was completed in October 2016 and Phase I design improvements were completed in 2017. Phase II design improvements were completed in 2018. Construction of Phase I was completed in 2017 and construction for Phase II was completed in Fall 2018.