Broadway Street Reconstruction

Louisburg, KS

RIC was part of a design-build team selected to reconstruct downtown Broadway Street in Louisburg, KS. The project consisted of approximately 1600 L.F. of new street, additional parking, new sidewalks, and new streetscape. The reconstruction area included three blocks of Broadway Street beginning at KS Highway K68 (Amity Street), south to 3rd Street and one block of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Streets east and west of Broadway Street.

The existing streets, curbs, and pavements were removed and replaced. The scope of the replacement included a new storm sewer system as the City did not previously have one, a water main in 1st Street, curb and gutter, asphaltic concrete pavement, sidewalks, a retaining wall, street lighting, landscaping and a new decorative/structural arch at the entrance to Broadway. Permits for the work were obtained from the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT), Kansas Department of Health & Welfare, and the City of Louisburg.

ADA compliance was an important aspect to the project. Through innovative efforts, the team was able to provide accessibility to the old town buildings. It was also necessary to maintain public access to the retail business along Broadway Street at all times. In order to best understand and accommodate the retail businesses, the team conducted a downtown merchant survey to collect the names of the businesses, nature of their business, days and hours of operation, location of the main entrance and other special considerations. Keeping the schedule on track was pertinent in order to minimize disruption to school bus routes and retail businesses. The design and approval was completed on-time and the contractor had the road substantially completed before the school year began in the fall.